7-11. October Centerville, WA








Come experience Escape VII - FallOUT at Horseshoe Bend Ranch

Join us on 3300 acres of South Central Washington fields for a 5 day Festival

About Escape Events

Once again, we will gather at Horseshoe Bend Ranch, this time for FallOUT. This event will include Art, Art cars, Fire art, three burns, and as much MUSIC as we can all handle!

Capacity for the event is entirely dependent on our support team, specifically volunteers! So, it is our intent to highlight and honor our volunteers. In that vein, volunteer perks will include access to showers, meals pre and post event, swag, and of course a free ticket. Volunteers completing 20 or more hours of service throughout the event will receive ALL of the perks. Fewer hours still grants you perks. We need your support.

  • There will be a volunteer lounge area and a coordinator to respond to volunteers needs. Come joins us and make this event the best it can be! SIGN-UP. here.
  • More information regarding the event, Artists, Performers and tickets will be available soon.
The Venue

What can we say about Horseshoe Bend Ranch… You have to experience it to know! FallOUT will be located on a flat field where camps and art will create a "City" for us to experience and enjoy. Set on 200+ acres, the "City" will form an art project of its own. The location will be bike-able, art car drivable, and certainly walkable!

The layout will have designated roadways to access your camp spot. Note that unless you are a DMV approved Art Car, driving during the event is NOT permitted. Once parked, your vehicle must remain parked unless you are leaving and we'll miss you…

  • Except for ICE, there is NO VENDING at this event. Please come prepared.
  • More information will be available as we get closer to the event.
Here's the Scoop

While Escape Events is not affiliated, we support and promote the 10 Principles of Burningman plus Consent. If these are unfamiliar to you, please look them up. Burningman 10 Principles

Most importantly is to enjoy the even, have fun, and be SAFE! Please no fighting… That's the best way to watch the rest of the event from outside the gate…

While Escape Events is not affiliated, we support and promote the 10 Principles plus Consent. If these are unfamiliar to you, please look them up.

And bring LOTS of Art, Music, Gifts, and energy to dance our butts off!


Camps and Art




Art Burns



Art Installations

Feast your eyes on Art Projects


John Doe

Acavallo Carousel Art Car

Quill Hyde

The Acavallo Carousel - the dreamship pony-car! On the prowl for more good times! What's up cuties? What are you into? Lets get together!

John Doe

The Violins

Bribe and CO

Scaled Replicas with lights and sound!

John Doe

The Portal II

Is this a machine? Will it transport you..? Will you step through?

Theme Camps

These are the Registered Theme Camps


John Doe


Come chill in the shade, take a yoga or stretch class, enjoy our bar, have some late night apocalyps tacos! Mindful focused camp.

John Doe


Well put together, an oiled machine, and flaming stuff. (Adult) Stop by and warm yourself by the falic fire pit.

John Doe

No me Know. For Reason.

Family camp with giant violins and fun stuff! (Family)

John Doe


Well put together, an oiled machine, and flaming stuff.

John Doe

Unicorn Ranch

Bus and stuff... (Adult)

John Doe

Pet Crematorium & Smoked Meats

UASS Union of Amazing Super Smurfs Local #47 and base office for OSHA. There will be clipboards and paperwork. (Grown-UPS)

John Doe

Disco Tango Foxtrot

DJ with our own equipment. Booth set up for daytime activity. Games for people to play like led frisbee

John Doe

Flower Bower

A 24- hour self-service boutique of clip-on flower hanging from boughs.

John Doe

Hope Camp

Some social events TBD, potential root beer party, twinkie party, meatball party.


What, Where and When

2:00 PM
Gates Open

Gates open, tickets taken, wristbands on ~ And off you go to set up your camp!

Gate and Placement

For the safety of all event participants, NO vehicular traffic after 10pm. This excludes art cars. Parking will be open and monitored for anyone arriving after gate closure.

Gate and Parking
2:20 PM
Coming Soon...

Also not yet...


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